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Here is list of feedback from a mixture of students, some of whom are now professional
or semi professional guitar players & also from parents of students past & present.
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From Eric Hunter
Steve at the Guitar room is a great guitar teacher. Why? Because whatever I want to do on the guitar, he can help.
Whether it’s a question of playing technique, musical theory, advice on guitars and equipment, or learning a favourite
song or solo, I know I’m going to get valuable advice and assistance. One thing I find particularly useful is that he will
record backing tracks/demonstrations specifically for you, so that you can then practise at home. If, like me, you’re
playing on your own, this is invaluable. I’d recommend Steve to anyone who plays guitar.

Eric Hunter

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From Stephen Ledsham
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Steve Dodds as a wonderful guitar teacher. He has tutored both my sons, improving their playing beyond all recognition and nurturing and encouraging their appreciation of the guitar and guitarists.
Steve has kindly allowed me to sit in on lessons, allowing me to gain an excellent view of his talents as a teacher and guitarist.
He is consistently patient and encouraging, giving clear and specific feedback accompanied by relevant guidance and related exercises. Steve carefully tailors lessons according to the needs and tastes of his pupils. My younger son, who is hoping to study music and the guitar at university, benefits from his extensive musical knowledge, with lessons founded firmly on theory. This was less the case with my older son whose musical interests were not so academic.
As well as providing inspiration via his own superb playing, Steve also references a wide variety of guitarists (and mutual heroes),
such as Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Larry Carlton, Kenny Burrell, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Stanley Jordan.
The presence of one or more of these guys is felt at every lesson !
Last, and certainly not least, Steve's lessons are a very enjoyable fortnightly treat which my son (and I) look forward to greatly.
I would be very happy to talk to any prospective pupil / parent, just ask Steve for my contact details. Very many thanks from us both.

Stephen Ledsham

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The Guitar Room offers professional guitar tuition in the Tunbridge Wells,
Kent & East Sussex area.
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